jolanta wulf

The story of a photographer

Meet Jolanta Wulf, a passionate photographer with an eye for capturing life's most beautiful moments. But beyond her love for photography, she is a loving mother to her son, Ethan, and a devoted companion to her trusty four-legged baby girl, Hazel.

Jola was born and raised in Poland, but in the early 90’s she migrated to the US. The moment she set her foot in Chicago, Jola fell in love with the city, it's culture, the people, and the feel. She was always attracted to photography and loved being behind the lens.

Jola's journey as a photographer began long before motherhood, but it was the arrival of Ethan that truly gave her work a deeper purpose and meaning. She believes that the true essence of photography lies in preserving fleeting moments and creating everlasting memories that will be treasured by her family and clients alike.

With Ethan growing up quickly, Jola is keenly aware of the value of time and the importance of capturing his teenage years through her lens. From milestones to everyday adventures, she documents their journey together, creating a touching narrative of their bond and the love they share.

Hazel, the fun-loving and loyal furry member of their family, brings an added dimension of joy to Jola's life and work. With Hazel's infectious energy, Jola captures moments of laughter and playfulness that perfectly depict the unique connection between a pet and its family.

As a professional photographer, Jola's versatility shines through her portfolio. Whether she's capturing stunning portraits, candid family moments, or professional headshots, her keen eye for detail and artistic flair result in images that evoke genuine emotions and tell captivating stories.

Beyond the lens, Jola is known for her warm and approachable nature, making every photoshoot a comfortable and enjoyable experience for her clients. She understands the importance of making her subjects feel at ease, ensuring that each photograph reflects their true essence.

“Finding the right photographer that you connect with and feel comfortable around is essential.”



“Jola has been photographing my family for the past five years and has been there for the special events in our lives. Jola does an amazing job at capturing every piece of beauty in my family. She spends time finding the perfect lighting and scenery that fits our family. We love working with her and having her be a part of savoring our memories.”

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