I am an exclusive portrait photographer specializing in custom fine art photography in Naperville and surrounding areas. My goal is to provide clients with unique and elegant portraits for their homes that capture the essence of who they are through my artistic vision. I am a natural light photographer with a fresh, and modern look that reflects in my artistic, and fun style portraits. Presenting unique and high-quality lifestyle portraits is my specialty.

I was born and raised in Poland, but in the early 90’s I migrated to the US. The moment I set my foot in Chicago, I fell in love with the city, its culture, the people, and the feel. I was always attracted to photography and loved being behind the lens. Any chance that I had, I would take my camera to family gatherings, friend’s weddings, and while out in nature, I was always thinking about the power of photography and its ability to freeze a moment in time and the significance that it has on us. Now, ten years later, I continue to take photos. capturing a moment, helping reveal how rich reality truly is. That perfect moment when someone smiles, when a couple looks into each other’s eyes and one can feel the love, or when a first-time mom cuddles baby in her arms. Capturing those emotions, at that exact moment is what matters. I am extremely blessed that I have the honor to be able to give this gift to my clients.

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